So Grateful One Year Ago

One year ago tomorrow, Feb 21, 2011, I was blessed to be a Aunt again for the forth time and I cannot express how much I’m gratful for my nephew. He was an unexpected gift from God, who’s birth was anything, but easy. It’s a miracle he’s alive today and that those first few moments of his life, God decided to wrap his arms around him and keep him safe. Becuase he’s here now life has more smiles and more blessings each day. I can’t picture my life without him. He’s a happy baby who love his parents and older brother and who brings so much joy to me. Words aren’t enough. 

I’m not sure the exact day it started. Maybe it was the birth of my nephew or the book I picked up last spring unexpectly. Or it could have been the songs I begun listening to like Matthew West and Meredith Andrews. But in the past year I have fallen back into my faith and learned to keep my heart open wide. I’ve had dreams that haven’t come true and many moments where I doubted myself, but last year was learning experience. No longer do I get angry that things haven’t turned out the way I expected them because I now understand God is control and he has amazing plans for me. Plans that I would have never thought of. In addtion to my nephew being born, I begun to put more faith into my love for writing and in the process wrote a story that has inspired a few people. I never thought that would be possible, that I would be able to inspire people, but I did and I leanred that where I am right now is where I need to be. I may not be living the glamorous dreams I once had, but I have a different dream today. Yes, I still want to become a teacher and an author, but I’m already those things. I may not have my own classroom. I may just be a subsitutue, but I’m inspiring kids each day and to see them thrilled that I am there with them is one of the gratest things I could ask for. Instead of touching a handful of kids a year, I’m touching the hearts of so many more and though I may not have a published book out, I’m still sharing my stories and people are reading. Dreams don’t have to be big becuase in the end sometimes it’s the little ones that make the biggest impact. 

By: Christina

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