It is only a few days now and I will be jetting off to NYC with my sisters for a few days of fun, fellowhsip, and food.  It was not so long ago that I wondered if this would ever be possible.  We are as different as the seasons and you know what happens when seasons collide-STORMS!  This trip is a GIFT from the Lord of Love and a mriacle.  I count this as joy despite my fear and trepidation……we are going to be sharing the same hotel room for more than 3 days (I am afraid of being a dead fish!).  I am covering this trip with prayer and covet the prayers of those in this merry band of gift counters. 

I am asking the Lord to shine through this “cracked pot” into the lives of these two I love so much and do what only He can do in a life.  The cost is high but the prize is priceless.  Can heaven be heaven when those you love are not there?  Will tears really be dried if they are absent at the grand reunion?  Will I not have sorrow?  These are the questions that fill this hopeful heart and struggle for understanding of God’s Holy Word. 

Gifts counted today

opportunity for healing


hope until final breath

grace for mistakes

Godly parents gone home

reunion coming

personalities different

beauty in face

strength of body

music of soul

talents different and diverse


By: Yvonne

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