Silly Putty

Today is April 27th.  My precious Mother’s birthday.  She would be 80 years old today. She has been with the Lord for twelve years now.  I miss her love, her laughter, her logic, her longsuffering spirit.

This was a woman of character and content.  She reminds me of Silly Putty.  That childhood goo that is half starch and half glue that when mixed together has some pretty awesome qualities.  It will fill whatever container it is placed in with in just a few minutes.  It will bounce when slammed to the ground.  It will pick up imprints, newsprint and thumbprints. It will snap if pulled apart to quickly or stretch a mile long when the tension is steady and slow.

She was a lot like this.  Life was not kind to this saint.  It was lonely, difficult, and heartbreaking. Yet, she trusted her Lord and her last words were “I have lived a good life, the life the Lord intended and I am content.”

What a witness and what a testimony.  Happy Birthday Mamma!  I hope I can be half the woman of grace you always were.  You were content in all circumstances, you were faithful even when others were not, and you loved unconditionally.  Thank you for the prayers you prayed.  I know we kept your knees bloody.  Today, I am thankful you are my MOM!!!

By: Yvonne

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