Shattered Home

On June 2012 my world was turned upside down. FiancĂ©e josh and I were thrown into a pit of never ending shattered hope. His once looked up to father had committed a crime none of us could ever imagine…stealing. Not only was it stealing it was also lying about bills amungst other things. For the past 10 months his family has been torn apart and his parents marriage broken. Since that day in June Josh the eldest became the man of the house which put a strain on our relationship. Crying out to God wondering how could such a thing happen to me during one of the happiest times of my life. Instead I should’ve simply said “ok god, what now”. I had to realize that god gave me this family to show who he was but at the time it was all about me. Until recently I had been depressed and just sick of the situation. Being apart of this whole situation has blessed me in so many ways. Until you can say thank you to God for every situation bad or good, you cannot fully live. He gives and takes away, but his love endures FOREVER. This is my gift and I am greatful for every little moment in life.
By: Sarah Watters

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