Shadow Gifts

Today’s three gifts were to be found in shadow.  Mine were found in the valley of the shadow of death.  My sweet friend’s husband lies in a hospital following emergency open heart surgery.  He is now back on a ventilator struggleing to just breathe.  Gifts in this dark shadow are sometimes difficult to see.  The phone call that comes and plunges me to anguish for my friend (I know this place of seeing the love of your life’s mortality), the plea before the Father’s throne on behalf of this precious couple, and the mustering of a mustard seed’s worth of faith for a miracle only my Father can give.  Will I accept whatever He gives?  Do I really have a choice?  As I begin to thank Him for His faithfulness in the past, I ask Him to please give this husband his 70 years, to rapture he and my friend hand in hand that they may never know the pain of separation as I have known.  Are these good gifts found in the shadow of death?  Yes, for I see I can still feel pain for others, that I can approach my Father boldly and ask anything in the name of Jesus, and I can hold their hope until they can hold it again for themselves.  Thanks be to our Lord for His love that He gives even in the shadow.

By: Yvonne

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