Seeing with Eyes Wide Open

I love this counting of one thousand gifts.  I’m seeing everything differently, taking time for more than a quick glance.  And remembering that God is in it all, I’m even seeing the ugly differently – the ugly beautiful as Ann calls it.  Even though I’ve just started listing 1000 gifts, I keep looking back over these two weeks and the list brings fresh joy again.

One of the favorite entries I’ve made so far is that my children have begun using the 7 Gifts for 7 Days journals, and we have fun sharing our gifts from the day at bedtime.  They are catching on to seeing gifts that are less than the obvious. 

Thank you, Ann, for making yourself vulnerable to God, and then sharing your journey with all of us.  Your book was actually the first of my 1000 gifts I wrote down for this new year.  While it was a Christmas gift from my mom, it was in fact a timely gift from God.  My soul is hungry for this kind of thinking, digging deep into knowing God more intimately.

I look forward to counting gifts with all of you this year.

By: Holly

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