Scrubbing toilets with joy!

This book has amazingly affected my life and attitude!  I stayed home from church on Easter Sunday with my daughter who is recovering from surgery.  I stayed in my p.j.’s all day and got 2/3 of the way through One Thousand Gifts.  I couldn’t put it down!  After working all day yesterday, I needed to do some cleaning, toilets and sinks and generally picking up after two recovering kids (yes, my other child is on crutches.)  I was really feeling sorry for myself and resentful at our situation (my husband is out of a job), and praying for God to help me be thankful instead of resentful.  (How soon I had stopped implementing what I had just learned from the book!).  Then, I sat down to read more.  And there on pages 193 and 194 was God speaking directly to me answering my prayer in tht moment.  Today after work I joyfully cleaned another bathroom, singing to the Lord in thanks for what He has done for me!  Thank you for writing this book!

By: Tammy Guiso

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