I have given myself the gift of this book.  I devoured it the first reading through and now just two short days after receiving it in the mail I am reading it again, slower, more deliberately with pen in hand, praise on my tongue and thanksgiving in my heart.  The beginning of the filling of the holes in the fabric of my life torn through so many losses and disappointments.  I testify God is faithful.  For I ask Him to show me how to have thanksgiving and joy when I am devastated by lifes moments that knock the breath out of you and take those most precious away.  I see the light.  It is now shining in my dark valley and it is with a grateful heart that I thank Ann for sharing this with the world.  I will never be the same!

I have ordered a bakers dozen to give to those who have blessed me and held up my arms during the wearying journey through the valley of the shadow of death.  I pray that this small token of my thanks to God for them will bless them half as much as it has ministered to me!

The hope of my soul has been rekindled into a fire burning brightly.

So, a book most beautiful, friends oh so kind, and hope are todays three gifts divine.  Now with eyes open wide these are but three………there are indeed one thousand gifts more!  To God be the Glory for His Amazing Grace to the “archer” attempting to hit the mark of a life that is pleasing to Him!

By: Yvonne Hess Jones

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