Right Where I Am

My aunt gave me this book when i got out of prison. But she told me of it while I was still incarcerated. I learned to be thankful for everything while I was in prison and it was life changing. The experience brought me closer to my loving God who put me in a time out (so to speak). He sat me down and I made life changing decisions. Everyone I came in contact with was amazed at my positive attitude and wanted to feel the way I did and I shared God with them! I wish I could send all the women a copy of the book. Now that I have read it and am currently keeping a journal of my one thousand gifts, I feel refreshed & renewed EVERYDAY! And it’s true – if you are busy being thankful, you don’t have time to be negative! It’s an inspiring book and I thank Miss Ann for sharing and changing my life!

By: Monica Duckworth

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