Relay for a Life

Today, I was working on our company’s Relay for Life event promotions.  We decided we would do a sky lantern sale and at the end of the event launch these beautiful lanterns over the river.

As I was decorating my lantern and writing names of my loved ones who have lost the battle with cancer and the names of those now fighting the battle and the names of those who are survivors I was struck by the number of people in my life affected by this “curse” this “demon” this “monster” this “enemy”.  But, is it really?  My God is in control and He allows nothing without a good purpose……….does that mean I understand what He is doing…….absolutely NOT!  Lives seemingly cut short by this dreaded disease.  Lives fighting to survive another day.  Lives that will fear those days each year when they go for the “annual check up” to make sure they are cancer free.

As I examine these lives, their affect on my life I recall the pain and suffering.  I recall the uncertainty and the supreme loss.  But, thanks be to God, I can rejoice they were all children of the Almighty God, purchased with the blood of Christ who was not spared pain, suffering or loss!  What makes me believe I should be?  Christ suffered for the greater good…… salvation!  Thank you Jesus for that!  Thank you they suffer no more, feel your presence as they battle on, and for knowing who holds tomorrow! 

As I let my lantern fly in a few short weeks at the event, my prayer will be that all those dealing with this will find the peace of Christ amid the storm and that I will accept opportunities to help others as He helped me! 

 lanterns to light the sky

people who fill my life with love, laughter

memories sweet

beauty amid ugly reality

courage to fight

faithful friends

By: Yvonne

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