We reached a point in our 23 year marriage just last week.  The sermon, following on the text of Peter’s denial of Christ, moved our pastor to preach on the admissions of failure in our lives.  I came home and told him I couldn’t do it anymore, with him being shut down and angry all the time.  We talked for an hour, and getting nowhere decided to reconvene on Tuesday.  

Two days later my husband admitted to never having grieved his losses and failures, and then to a sexual addiction.  I was quiet and took it all in.  He is now seeking accountabilty for his actions and the wall is coming down.  That was grace. 

It is grace that we have made it so far….24 years, the ravishes of autism nearly taking all our joy, my recovery from PTSD….and his learning disability and ADHD.  Times I’ve wanted to give up.

I draw a circle, and He draws it bigger.  He is here.  Living in me.  In him, in our other  son’s life who is now loving orphans in a little village.  A legacy of faith lives on.

By: a husband’s admission of sin….

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