Promise of a Job

A year has passed since my sweet daughter and granddaughter were forced to move back to her childhood hometown.  Betrayal, infidelity, divorce.  Broken hearts, broken promises, broken dreams.

The job she was promised before moving back NEVER materialized.  God has provided in amazing ways for her to meet her mortgage without a income for the last 12 months.

On Friday, the phone call we had been praying for came………..the offer of full time employment!  So, she will be moving again, farther away to begin life yet again.  The job has a adequate income, good benefits, and will challenge her.  Granddaughter will be closer to her horse and trainer and she is so excited. 

The Lord’s timing is perfect!  Her house is on the market and she has found one she likes in the city she will be moving too.  School will start in about 8 weeks.  Friends are offering to assist with child care until then.

God is so gracious!

1100 new job

1101 new hope

1102 new beginning

1103 new friends

1104 new home

1105 renewed faith

By: Yvonne

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