Poetry in Motion

I go early, before leaving for work, in the early cool of morning to feed the horses.  The dog tags along, knowing that I have forgotten his attention getting collar.  He runs and I walk toward the barn.  I arrive to my two steeds charging against the fray of dog nipping and barking crazy at their hoofs.  Nostrils flaired and snorting anger, tails held high, manes flying glistening in sunlight and hooves thundering loud across the dry parched ground.  I witness 1400 pounds of strength in motion pushed along by sheer panic of being chased by 40 pound dog!

This is a reflection of me and my life!  Me strong in the Lord, fleeing unseen fears, whispered lies, and uncertain future.  Why, I do not know!  I could so easily kick this enemy to the curb with just a whisper of the word, “Jesus,” just as the horses could stop the dog in his tracks with one well placed kick that he would never forget.  Lord, give me courage to TRUST you as I turn to face the enemy, stand and speak truth.

The Lord intersected my life with a lesson from normally docile, tranquil horses grazing in pastures safe and well known.  I need not bolt and run in fear, only face the enemy dressed in His armor and then go back to grazing on the Word.  I need not fret.

will number these

1400 horses running beauty

1401 sunlight and cool air

1402 all Christmas shopping complete

1403 new ministry in progress for wee ones and their families

1404 HARD-death hitting many



By: Yvonne

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