Please send answer, Ann…

HELLO ANN!!!  I’m sorry, but I’ve been unsuccessful in finding any email address for you anywhere. So, I’m writing on here and desperately hoping you will see this soon.

Want to say that I’ve bought your book and it has changed my life! You probably hear that all the time, but it is true! Your poetic style drew tears to my eyes many times while reading. Have begun to keep my own journal of Eucharisteo! I love this word!

You were a ‘re-run’ today on ‘Full Circle’ and I took delight in hearing you…again. You are such an open and beautiful lady. No holds barred about your very real struggles in life, but how you find beauty “in this moment” and then are able to carry on in Eucharisteo.

My question? WHERE did you get your ‘Eucharisteo…always precedes the Blessing’ bracelet that you wear??? I would dearly love to have one. Would you please send an answer to my email box?

I am a proud Canadian too! An Ontarian. I’m not planning on ‘stalking’ you, but I am curious as to your whereabouts in Ontario, as well?

Thank you for your time, Ann. I give thanks for you. I read you EVERY day.


By: Jillie

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