Perfect day…

“A Perfect Day”

A bit of background first…I first found Ann’s book when I was having a hard time with trusting God as my second son left for deployment.  This one for Korea (the elder was already in Afghanistan).  I was angry, afraid, lonely, and crying out.  “I didn’t raise these boys you gave me Lord for this!”  “There has to be a bigger purpose than this Lord!”  Then I found Ann, she spoke to everything I was feeling, and she threw me the anchor I needed to get through those days (thank you Lord because I know you sent her my way).

A Perfect Day was spent this week as my son had returned from Korea and he agreed to spend the day walking with his mom.  We went to an “old haunt” of ours along the Marsh Creek.  Where days of old were spent on our bikes riding along that creek and up & down the roads of our little town.  What a perfect fall day…warm & cool!  Leaves melting into the landscape.  Birds flying overhead, geese mostly, flying south in their V formation.  I pointed out the Great White Egret I always saw at this place, and a new friend I discovered while he (my son) was away, the Kingfisher.  He laughed outloud as he saw his “mohawk” feathers on the crest of his head.  A new immediate friend of his as well as mine!  A lot of time to get caught up, to share our concerns, to listen to each other, to speak of “hope” and yes we shared our “thanks” as well.

This is my thanks offered this day, October 21st, 2011.

By: Sue

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