Peace in the Pain

I am thankful for the Peace in the Pain the Lord provides to us when we humbly surrender to Him the most painful experiences of the heart. In my case it is family members who do not know how to “forgive” and who express their pain towards others in anger. It is in this pain of the heart that the Lord is showing me to respond to with love, show grace in forgiveness and express my love to them most unconditionally. It is the hardest thing I have ever done especially because the one who hurts me the most is my adult son. I will never be good enough in his eyes and am constantly reminded of all of my sins and faults. I am so very grateful for the Lord’s precious guidance in all of this and the tears I cry are tainted with pain but they bring peace as I know the Lord is working in all of this. This is the gratitude of the “lesson” of loving unconditionally.

By: cindi bauer

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