Past Generations…. touch deep

After coming home from the park w/ 70 degree weather and Sunshine. I stopped in our little rural town.  I see Mr. Horace in line. He is old … wrinkled. Its been several years.  I speak…  he then tells me that he was thinking of my grandmother just last night and asked about my uncle (who was close to his age 83) wondering if he was still living. He wanted to know how many of my grandmothers children (who he grew up with) were still living?   “Two” I said…  “one uncle and one aunt.”  He said “The Grahams…. wonderful people… knew them all my life… your grandmother was one of a kind.”    Awww….  My Dad’s been gone 3.5 yrs, my grandmother 13. She would of been 111 on Valentine’s Day.  So many gifts in just a few minutes of talking with Mr. Horace.

Thank you, Ann, for this place.

By: Teena

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