Painful Eucharisto

This is hard.  Life is hard.  A sister who wants out of her marriage only a year after saying her vows.  A sister who doesn’t love her husband but loves another.  A sister who is dead and in need of the Resurrection.  A sister.  Many don’t have one.  Love.  Those married who interact with her come away loving their spouses more.  Even in this moment I am struggling.  Dear God, open my eyes.  Help me see the gift in this, help me see the good gift in this. 

By: Elizabeth

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  • Paige

    Praying for you!

  • Beckytate45

    You won’t see the gift right away, sometimes it does take time, and maybe the gift is not for you, it is for your Sister. Sometimes we want to take budens that are not ours, but are for the Lord and the people we love. I recognize myself in you. Just sit back and pray and watch the miracle unfold. Praying.

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