out reach challenge

Ann, as I was reading your book, you mentioned at the beginning that you were transformed by this challenge and you became more of a thanful person. I was so inspired by that sentence so much that I desired to learn how to transform my heart into a thankful heart. So, I took that challenge myself and so far I am at 400 exact. Then I thought to myself, “why stop with just myself? why not challenge other people to get encouraged and help them see how much God has blessed them with and how much more positive there is in their lives outweighing the negative?” So I decided to challenge other people and so far 15 people as far as I know are taking your challenge. Thank you so much for writing this book to inspire and encourage people like myself and my friends to see a better view of life, and thank you to your friend who dared you to this challenge and most and importantly to God for all of this to bring Him honor and glory! this challenge has changed me. It has made me a joyful person and in the midst of this God gave me 2 revelations that lifted a huge burden off my shoulders that I have carried for a year now! thank you for your ministry and to God be the glory! forever, amen,

By: julia waninger

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