One day at a time!

The past two years since moving to a different state to start fresh, has been an amazing journey on my kids and myself. I Thank GOD for our new  church family, they have been incredibly supportive, gracious and loving, in ways we’ve never experienced before in our lives. Saying Thank You, to all & everyone is not enough!  They went above and beyond to welcome us in the family, and we are so Blessed to  know them. May God pour down His Heavenly Blessings on everyone that we’ve met. And may God richly bless them. Our lives have changed dramatically for the better, and the unconditional support prayers have been neverending. Daily Jesus, has shown His Love for us through them. I thank Jesus daily, who has given me life and a second chance in life. Every morning is a new beginning to celebrate Life in Jesus. I Love all my church family! Blessings to everyone! 

By: Juliana

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