Olympic spirit

His name was Pat.  I met him when I was six.  Tomorrow I will say goodbye to him in this life and thank God for a life not always well lived but a life that made a impact…a BIG IMPACT on me!  I spent more time with him at the pool than I spent at home or anywhere else for that matter.

He was the man who taught me to swim, dive, lifeguard, teach swimming, and who was instrumental in my work ethic, realization that I impact others by everything I say and do.  He was a coach of the swim team I was on until grounded by a physical problem.  Then, he took me under his wing and taught me to coach.  He told me if you can’t go to the olympics you might just coach someone who will one day.

The number of children who now swim safely are in the thousands!  Thousands of thank you’s for fun, knowledge, and safety.  Thousands of days of laughter and splashing and treading and diving and blowing bubbles, and racing, and competing.

His spirit was that of an olympian.  As the 2012 Olympic commercial is saying it really isn’t about the win, it is about the start!

I thank you Lord of love for this coach who will live forever in the hearts of those who knew him and loved him and appreciate all he did for youth in a small southern town.  He will receive his gold medal for the job God gave him to do and hear His Father’s “well done!” 

By: Yvonne

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