Not Poor in Spirit

* The soft scent of lilacs on strong winds

* Baking chocolate chip cookies with the kids from ingredients from the local Food Pantry

* Taking the kids (3 and 5 yrs old) fishing for the first time, and them catching dinner before we finish getting ready to cast our own lines

* Squirrels running on wires- things never change 🙂

* The smell of ink on paper from words just written

* Feeling small beneath the beautiful cloudy sky as God watches over us all

* Enjoying spending time at the beach enjoying the fresh air and eating lunch before the tourist season starts 

* Christian friends when you’re so lonely you can’t stop crying 

* Soft cats who purr at you when you’re sad

* Children who are happy; love Jesus, their parents, and each other; and who don’t yet know the bad in this world

* Birds chirping

* The smell of rain soon to come after a long period of near-drought conditions

* The kindness of strangers

* Free ice cream 🙂 

* Sunday Christian worship, teaching, and fellowship and Monday Bible studies 

* Babies laughing

* having blessings to count… 

By: Sarah

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