No where else

There are numerous gifts I have been able to open my eyes and experience the wonder with this journey that Ann takes us on. I just have days where I cannot even touch what this peace and thanksgiving feels like, that I struggle all day to just hold it in my hand for a moment and feel something I cannot express just love and warmth. But I have also had many days these past few weeks where I have been able to fight through those stresses and tedious days and I have felt so happy to truly just not want to be anywhere but here. I am laying in the bed with my two year old baby girl and this feels like heaven on earth to me. It is so good to embrace this amazing gift of her warm body lying next to mine when just three weeks ago one of my great friends lost her 19 month old baby boy in a tragic accident with a lawn mower. I just am so thankful for the gift of looking at the light on her precious face as I sit here in the dark and write this. It may not seem like a big deal, but I feel it, and I don’t want to be anywhere but here, ever. Thank you Lord

By: Patricia Anne Newby

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