New Beginnings

I have just started reading the book.  I have mesmorized with the book. Ann and thankfulness…….thankfulness, nothing new but different at the same time.  God is moving!  My list   1. a bluejay outside my kitchen window  2.  pumpkin bread baking in the oven  3.  walking into a public school~ I always get a warm feeling when I do this.  4.  resting in the arms of God  5. Psalms 25 & 27  6.  The pitter-patter of little feet  7.  a hand reaching out to your.  8.  choice, the ability to choose  9.  a mind that can accept God  10.  a fresh brewed cup of coffee, the taste, the aroma! 11.  a kind husband ~ gentle and loving!

By: Miriam

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