My Sanctuary Moments

#483Strife ringing in my ears. Bird song pierces loud & strong, from that little fat bird on window sill
#484Rain through drains
#485Rainy days
#486Floral comforters form a loving father
#487Healthy cycles
#489Little voice singing below eyes so focused on play-doh
#493Tender Heart: ‘best day watcing movies, eating lunch & ice cream with grandaddy.’
#494My Girl: ‘thankful for Ice Cream shop & Cake Maker Play-doh sets and my Tangled Castle/Tower.
#495Soaring Ealge: ‘Granddaddy wasn’t in as much pain as we thought.’
#496Soaring Eagle: ‘Before Christ returns, can we go to sleep?’
By: Mindy Brasher

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