My First Miracle on the Way to 1000 Gifts

Having first heard about “one thousand gifts” just a few days ago, I went to your website and copied the calendar.  It was March 12, and I had to fight the urge to try to do two a day until I was completely caught up! That’s just the way my mind works.  

March 12 gifts were “a gift of water, wind, and white.”  Being brand new to this I wasn’t sure what to do.  Throughout the day I began to try and figure out how this might go down.  I had a few ideas, but before I was too far down “scenario lane” the Lord spoke softly to my heart, saying, “You are not supposed to calculate how the gifts are revealed.  That is MY job.”

So I crucified all thought of how the Lord might reveal these gifts to me. I can honestly say thay I could never have predicted how He was going to accomplish this in the few hours of daylight that remained. 

I was asked by a friend of mine to go for a walk.  I didn’t have much time, due to an evening appointment, but we had just enough time to make our 3 mile journey around our favorite (and only) lake in town.  

We set off for a nice, but hilly walk, chatting as we went along about life and the things of God.  We were nearly back to our starting place when we rounded one of the curves that created a arc around an inlet of the lake.  As we did I turned my head to the left to gaze at the lake.  It had been so beautiful on this sunny, late afternoon day.  And that is when the Lord revealed His three gifts to me at the exact same moment.

Turning my head, the brisk spring breeze kissed my face.  In that same instant, the sun,  that had sunk low in the sky, rested just above the tree line.  In that position, the angle of light hit the water in such a way that it created a large oval on the lake, and the water was a-sparkle, so much so that the oval looked like brilliant white diamonds!  

So in one second, I felt the wind and saw an oval of white that twinkled brightly on the water!  “There it is” I screamed quietly to God, while my friend continued her conversation with me.  We continued to walk, but I have to admit, I wasn’t completely engaged in listening to what she was saying.  All I could think about was the miracle that God had just shown me, a miracle He didn’t have to do.  

When we reached a point where I would no longer be able to see my 3 gifts, I gently interrupted my friend’s conversation for just a moment to share with her what had just happened.  She saw it too, and we marvelled together at the awesomeness of our God, who would awaken us to His constant presence in such simple ways.

By: Cheryl Gnagey

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