My “bouquet” from God

Reading this book has inspired me to make my own lists of the gifts I’m given -yet sometimes I’ve missed– from God. Two days ago my husband and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. One if the things he brought home for me was roses-they were beautiful and placed in a vase right away to be displayed on our table. I see them now as I write this and although they beauty and amazing intricacy of a rose in bloom is a gift, that isn’t the gift I’m sharing about. You see tomorrow is another anniversary. The one where twenty years ago I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It’s our anniversary or better yet, my birthday. Last night as I was getting ready for bed, something set off the motion detector flood light in front of our house so I went to the window to look. I didn’t see what set off the light but what I did see made me stop short. The light was shining directly on a crimson queen Japanese maple we have in our yard that, up till recently still had green leaves. The light seemed to make the tree glow and show it had changed now to a brilliant, firey red. If I squinted my eyes it almost looked like a fire in the yard! It was gorgeous!!!! I stopped and took in the beauty and thought about the timing of my seeing that. It was my “bouquet” from God! This sight was so breathtaking that I knew my camera wouldn’t do it justice but it’s in my memory and I will carry that picture with me.
By: Kelly kaprelian

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