my 10 gifts for today

!. Watcihing shoots of dill ciming out of the dirt in the planter

2. My husband cutting veggies to make our weekly soup

3. The purple flowers that have start blooming around my work place

4. meeting my bus budy friend today at the bus stop after months not seeing her.

5. looking at the sunshine through the openings of window blinds.

6. wathing the shower water fall down on my hands cup toward the heavens.

7. my dad calling me today from Europe just to hear my voice

8. someone placing a bid on my post on fb selling group

9. Joy of waking up on a spring morning

10. This is from last night: Starting the “100 gifts” book study with my ladies bible study group and sharing between us our most deep and personal pot holes that makes us human and feeling God’s present among us, feeling his healing power.

By: Ardita

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