I am so thankful for the grace to see the moments.  The message has been coming at me from so many directions this past week, supposed to be a week off, but still full of striving and driving.  With the first few chapters of Ann’s book (which I finally bought with a gift card I had received at Christmas but was too busy to use), I could grasp how my haste was making waste all around me.  So yesterday I began to savour the moments that make up my life: sharing memories of my son’s birth with my husband in the early morning hours because it was his 15th birthday.  Appreciating the depths of God’s word during a sermon on Psalm 23, so familiar but with new layers revealed to me.  Best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten made with love by my daughter in honour of brother’s birthday. Peace with a counter-intuitive decision that will enable me to give more time to my family and reduce my stress.  Thankful for a new beginning, a second chance to live my life with more meaning and purpose.

By: Harriette Mostert

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