This moment you are living in…this very one…is both the beginning of something and the ending of something. Moments always are…they are so very fleeting. How will you live it? You are so very important. Your moments…to this very second have counted so significantly to Him who created you…and your moments. Why do they pass so quickly? You blink… and they are over. Turn your head…and you are already in another one. He already knew what your moment held. 

And I wonder…in these moments…how do my moments impact others? For those of us who only think about the moment we are in…this is significant. I wish that I could go back and gather up in my hands all the moments I would take back, do differently; all the moments I hurt others in…it doesn’t work that way. You can’t “take back” anything you do in any moments of your life. Remember this…you have one chance, only one …to live each moment. How do you want to be remembered for the moments you have lived?

God…can forgive our moments. Let’s face it humans…well, we are all human, and many of us fail the “forgiving moments”. He never does. So in His mind…our failures, our mistakes and mishaps are not part of His memory…I love how God lives His moments. But…before you live another one think of this…you have the choice to bless, heal, give hope, not say those unkind words or give that disapproving  glare… in your given moments.

Remember…Life is so very fragile, Earth… so very temporary. Leave your footprints carefully, your love unconditionally and your words wisely so that when you do go home, you will have left your imprints on the right path, enough love to last your loved ones a lifetime and enough wisdom to guide them…after all…we can hear people’s whispers long after they are gone. Whispers of impact will always reach listening ears… Our present creates our memories and others memories of us…Remember this…it will change how you walk, talk and use your moments.

When the giver of life takes back what is His…will you be ready. I wonder this. For in the blink of an eye …less than a moment…that’s all it takes…we will be gone. And where we go is decided in moments here on earth…we don’t have those moments to choose after we are gone. No going back…that’s when the giver of moments will say I have given you enough moments to choose. Your choice will have been made in the moments.

There were some very significant moments He lived for us. Nailed to a cross, being mocked, spit on…that day He made a choice to hang there for some very long moments…despite what the rest of us were doing with ours. He chose us…His moments…changed our lives…forever.  All it takes is saying I believe and forgive me…and in a moment no one could ever describe with human words…He will be there…on the other side of our last blink. The choice you make in your living moments…will make the difference of an eternity.

I am weak and I need you…I am lost and I need you to find me…in these moments…show me what to do with the rest of my moments…How you see me…if  I have lived the moments you have given me for you… is all that really matters in the end about the moments you have given me…

Annie Carpenter 2012

By: Annie Carpenter

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