Mom-my spiritual mentor

Where to begin? This morning I am estatic to hear my mom say that  One Thousand Gifts is the most life changing book she has ever read, besides the Bible. It was my birthday present to her in August. My mom is a 66 year old spiritual giant in my eyes. She’s been through more than a lot of people; child of alcoholic parents, molestation by father, verbal and physical abuse from my dad, abadonment from 2nd husband and yet she clings to God and loves with His love in everything she does. 

Beause of her past, she has been broken and has sought to be healed. But a lot of it was through striving and living a codependent life. (me too) However today I believe with all my heart that she get’s it: God’s free gift, Jesus and the cross,  what Eucharisteo means, grace, surrender, gratitude, giving thanks in all things-FREEDOM in Him!!!!! It’s never too late & God never gives up on us! Thank you Ann for your obedience to Him for we are forever changed!!! 

Respectfully and so GRATEFUL,


By: Khristian Roberts

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