Mom and Daughter miles apart-Book Connection

God is so real and works in unbelievable ways.  My mom lives in Indiana and I live in Hawaii.  My mom seen Ann speak on TV about a month ago. She seen Ann speak about her book A Thousand Gifts.  She wrote it down knowing she had to find it and not knowing were she would find it.  She loves to read and I dont.  Well about a week after she wrote it down she found it and when she started reading it she was telling her granddaughter that she really wanted me to read it and she would send it to me when she was done.  Remember she never told me about this.  Last week Jesus was really speaking to my heart, wanting me to have peace, when I went thru the Government Shutdown, my husband and I were not working due to it.  On Thursday I went to look for books for a different reason not one for my own but I only ended up buying 2 books for myself (remember I dont really read).  I went home and took a picture of them and texted it to my mom to show her what I got.  She got chills.  It was the book “A thousand Gifts”….the book she is currently reading and really wanted me to have….but I never knew it and God placed it in my life.  Right now we are reading it at the same time and sharing our thoughts.  Im floating…I know God is real and knows everything in our life.  This book has made me and my mom smile in so many ways.  We live miles apart but God still keeps us connected. 

By: Gretchen Garbett

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