Malley Jane

45,000 likes on her FB page “Praying for Malley Jane” a perfect newborn whose life was ended before it began.  An abrupted placenta left her without oxygen and a heartbeat for nine minutes.  Her young parents did everything that was medically prudent and bombarded heavens throne with the prayers of thousands for her miraculous healing.  Last night, God answered and He took her home to be with Him.  Now her family must pick up the broken pieces of their hearts and face the new normal.  Going home to a prepared nursery that will be silent.  Arms that are empty.  Hopes and dreams that will never be seen this side of glory.

I thank you Lord for the 21 days this family had to love her, share her story, share their Savior and minister to others facing similar situations with their infants.  Lord, only eternity will reveal how many lives were truly touched by this story. 

Lord, for the many who have contributed to the expenses of this young family, I PRAISE YOU!  For the many more who will give in the future to help with the funeral I thank you!

For the incredible display of YOUR strength, peace that passes understanding, hope, and FAITH from two young adults in the face of one of the most difficult of situations, Lord you alone are to be praised and receive glory.

For the millions of tears shed with and for this family, I thank you that you take every single one, put them into your bottle and turn them into diamonds of grace to be lavished back on all affected by this.

For the doctors, nurses, respiratory technician, social workers, chaplains, pastors, prayer warriors, and housekeeping personnel that all came in contact with and cared for Malley Jane and her family I lift them up to you for blessings.

Lord, to say thank you for Malley Jane’s life is easy.  To thank you for taking her home is HARD eucharisteo.  Forgive our selfish desire to have our own way and thank you for always doing what is best for ALL involved even when we cannot see it.  Thank you that you respond out of a heart of pure love.  Thank you for your presence throughout this ordeal for this family.  Lord, thank you that the family you chose to give this test is the one family that you knew you could count on to give you praise regardless of the answer you gave to our petitions.

Lord, Bless this family in ways that will blow them away for their faithfulness to YOU!

Lord, to say thank you for this gift that really doesn’t feel like a gift is a lesson that a year ago would have been impossible.  So, for the lesson of eucharisteo……….. for the healing, the miracle of tomorrow, the result of thanksgiving today, I THANK YOU FATHER!

By: Yvonne

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