Long Safe Arms

A dear friend gave me the ‘One Thousand Gifts’ book as a ‘just because’ present. That presented a number of challenges because I am a ‘giver’ with a real life struggle of receiving through a lack of self-worth. In Ann’s words she said she saw my ability to write, it made her think of the many cards I had written her and how I could use words. She told me ‘it is no mistake we are reading this book together.’ My much cherished friend and I are on a journey of gratitude discovery but for me it is far more than just finding the simple gifts God chooses to bestow on me, the joy of everyday and the grace He is and wants to pour out on me – it is a journey of taking baby steps. I is a journey of trust, hope, taking a risk and baring my hurts so that the wounds can be cleaned, dressed and start to heal. It is a journey of discovering that I am not alone, that others are searching too and that we don’t have to look too far to see that God has been there all along….is still there. I feel Ann’s heart in what she write and I feel my friends heart in her giving and us walking the One Thousand Gifts road together. One question I have is…although we are daily journaling the One Thousand Gifts journey, can we have favourites, gifts that touch us the most, the deepest, with so much power and love??? I am so very, deeply grateful for my amazing husband and his patience with me and my Master 12 who is slowly becoming a young man and the giggly girly ways of my Little Miss 11 and the sloppy kisses of my gorgeous beagles….and I am so grateful for the long safe arms of my dear friend who envelopes me in her love when the days are dark and long and who challenges me to see God’s grace and joy on those days when I am holding into the end of my rope with the finger nails I just don’t have. To one thousand gifts and beyond….with thanks to God and all He chooses to bless me with.
By: Sarah

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