Light in Darkness

#1 So tahnkful for the timely priviledge of sharing healing encouragement from “One Thousand Gifts” to our farm community on Sunday morning. Two weeks ago we were under attack from armed robbers. Two brothers, farm managers, were shot, one died and one is finally home from hospital. “…suffering nourishes life….”,  “… a God who does not enjoy hurting people or causing them sorrow, but labors to birth grief into greater grace…”. Grace abundant. Pouring annointing oil on our land. My sisters coming from afar when I needed them. Community farmers helping to carry the load. Meals cooked by loving hands when we were overwhelmed. A friend sharing her home as a haven for the children. Prayers from across the globe. Skillful doctors. A night time emergency plane carrying our friend to hope and help. A father spared for his two little girls. A marriage restored. Wounded, but walking. 

By: Cath

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