LIFE is sooooo Beautiful!

Back on December 8, 2010 I had an AVM–an arteriovenous malformation, just ‘days’ after giving birth to my youngest daughter. I feel sooo sorry for my then husband, Alex of 5yrs had never had a newborn to care for, especially ALONE and has apologized many times. But thanks to his family who stood by him, our daughter and me, ‘prayers are miraculous’! Thank God for healing me, bringing me out of surgery with little visable disablities. I’d never heard of an AVM before but turns out I was born with it! I can remember thinking back to all the years of my childhood suffering with headaches that my mother would just write off as ‘simple eye strain’ and tell me to go lay down. I did wear glasses so I believed her and went and did as she said. Well here I am 44 years later being a mom of 4–3 girls and 1 boy, almost 2 yrs after suffering from my AVM I see life in a totally different light! I take notice of all the little things, I think I’d been ‘missing out on all along’. EVERYTHING is so beautiful to me! I love feeling the sun on my skin, feeling the breeze blow my hair, seeing the squirrels chase each other in the trees, and hearing the birds singing, seeing the sunset or the smell of fresh baked cookies. I can’t wait to share my newfound appreciation of LIFE with my ‘new’ daughter! I’ll be an even better mom for her!!!! Thank God for saving me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Renecia Cullier

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