Life from the Dark

Thankful, for learning what being thankful really, means. This has literally rocked my world! My relationship with Jesus, my comforter, always deepening. The newfound joy and grace I give to my 4 boys and baby girl, no longer constant darkness. To have my “eyes wide open” to God’s truths, God is constantly moving me to a deeper understanding of His truths. Thank you Lord for Eucharisteo. It has really helped me to have joy and grace, in the every moment and be thankful for all of it. Thank you Lord for seeing me through my crazy post-partum and for finding Life when it was so dark, and by being given the gift of Life in my amazing children. To finally be able to experience every moment whether hard or not. The pack of wolves, always waiting but God is with me holding me up with his right hand, sustaining me from birth until I pass. I am not afraid of the hard times like I was, they are a part of the journey. Thank-you for molding me God. God is so….good. I will pass this on to my children and really help prepare their hearts to embrace the joy, grace and thankfulness in all situations!
By: Nadine

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