Letters from God

I sat down in church tonight and bride to be Lauren handed me a folded paper to read.  It was in my own hand writing, written more than 21 years ago and Lauren had unearthed it while cleaning her room in preparation to move to her new home.  I have no recollection of writing the letter but I do remember the time it was written.  Lauren, still in utero, was “malformed” and doctors were advising her young parents that they should consider “options.”  It was time for this family of faith to let the rubber meet the road and they did!  They made medically prudent decisions for Lauren’s care after birth, they prayed and fasted for healing, and they enlisted others to pray for their tiny unborn daughter.

When Lauren was born, she did not have severe spina bifida but a tumor that was surgically removed and was benign.  Today, she dances and sings like an angel to the glory of God.  Her radiant smile and bubbly but strong personality is a delight to all who know her.  Lauren is tall, slender, beautiful and in just seven short days, she will become a pastors wife in a small southern town where college students and teens are abundant.

So, what did the letter say?  It was written in obedience to God and mailed to her grandparents to convey the hope the Lord had revealed to me in prayer that this child was indeed healed and that she would be a delight unto the Lord and to His people. Just like the epistles, God still reveals His word through ordinary people.  We can bring hope to the frightened, joy to those who are sorrowful, strength to the weak and love to those who are alone.  I am thankful today, I did what the Lord asked.  Now, years later, I saw a glimpse of the surprise in this dear one’s eyes as she recognized my handwriting and all the dots connected in her mind and she realized that I was the one who had written this letter so long ago that her parents had given her as a testimony to the power of prayer and God’s plan for her life.  You see Lauren is dear to me and she calls me by my grandmamma name not the shortened version of my given name that was signed at the end of the letter.

Todays gifts

written letters

tears of joy

God’s glory revealed in a bride

2 pieces of paper more precious than gold

God using my obedience for His purpose

love shown through gratitude 

my first taste of eucharisteo, more than 21 years ago……praise did precede the miracle!!!!












By: Yvonne

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