Lessons that the trees have taught me.

I never used to appreciate the trees and bush that surround our yard.  Over the years they have been constant and unchanging.  They blocked my view.  Now they have become my view.  I’ve grown to love these trees springing to life with greenery each spring and slowing down for a rest each fall.  The beauty and display provides a treat for the eyes.  In summer they are so lush that you can smell the moss and greenery.  Even in the winter they have a serene beauty – grey and solid.  I’ve taken lessons from the trees. I note they are mighty and strong and solid but they must bend in the wind or they will break.  There is much strength in a tree for it to bend – I have learned from them.  I have learned to be more flexible, less rigid.  I have learned to bend to the needs of others which has replaced the self-centeredness in myself which, in turn, has given me much joy.  I LOVE THE TREES!

By: Trudy

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