Lessons from grace

Chickadee singing in the tees
Snow lightly falling
Hot coffee
Clean clothes
Quiet moments
Little “a ha” moments from God
Un-conditional love from my children
Financial Security
Waking up to worship songs running thru my head
Finding joy in the every day moments
Bedtime prayers with my children
Food on my table
Full cupboards
Children who bring us humorous and laughter in the midst of stress
Time to get good rest
Family and friends who give unconditionally what we need for each moment
Praise for answered prayers
The Lord giving me verses and songs that uplift my spirit
March break camps and daycare so my days are free
Children who follow a routine and are thriving ! And I’m not pulling my hair out
Nice weather
Money to buy food that everyone likes, and the time I need to make suppers that everyone likes and has a choice for their favorites
Constant stamina to get thru my day
Extra time that appears exactly when I need it!
Restful sleep
Encouraging words that come when I least expect them
Children who are happy and willing to help
Becoming one year older
Feeling mentally and emotionally we’ll for the first time in 2 years
Waking up to giggles in the morning
Daily renewal of energy and creative thinking
Days that are free from stress and caps
Gods giving health that sustaining me so I can serve and run my household
Abundance of patience
Little bursts of surprises from friends to boost my mood
Blessed with extra time to endulge in a nice long shower without interruption! ( as a single mom of 5 girls this is big!)
By: Meghan

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