Learning to live all for God

Thankfulness requires trust. I am learning to trust God,really trust Him, a little more every day. The more I trust Him, the more thankfulness creeps into my life. Giving thanks is something that has come to me slowly, because I have lived hell and seen pain. Tragedy touches my life daily, and I am learning to see through the cracks to eternity. Yet the weight of God’s gifts to me is becoming greater, while the weight of life’s cares becomes lighter.

I am counting God’s gifts to me over at my blog, but I will highlight some of them here, the ones God has lavished me with over and above all I could ever ask.

-Having a child I have not seen for many years come running into my arms.

-Beautiful eyes that look back at me.

-Standing at bedsides that are leading to eternity.

-Being able to take the Gospel to those who have never heard.

-Beautiful sunrises every day.

-Having friends who love, really love, the Lord.



-Freedom from the slavery of things.

-Abundant provision for my every need.

As I learn to give thanks, I find that this world is full of the beauty of the Lord. I am looking forward to finding more joy, more beauty, and more of God every day!


By: Vanessa

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