Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

I’ve started and stopped my 1,000 things list over and over the last month. A mere 39 things line the pages of the flowered yellow notebook I got as a graduation present a scant few months ago. I was loaned “One Thousand Gifts” by my friend’s mom- she graciously allowed me to read the book before she even did! Challenging, the words within caused me to cry out to my Heavenly Father- O teach me to give thanks in all things! And yet I struggle, the timer buzzes as I finally sit down, the kids (and by kids I mean siblings) sing at the top of their lungs through breakfast, milk cups are sloshed, cereal spilled, little sister can’t concentrate on her reading lesson, I can’t fit in my Bible time, I’ve got 10 emails to send, I’m late getting lunch started and… and… and… I forget to give thanks. My mind is constantly rushing a 100 mph and the habit hasn’t been formed. I’m so thankful that He doesn’t forget me like I so often am guilty of forgetting Him! My middle name is Gaylene, though many see my middle initial and assume it’s “Grace”. But Grace is far from my selfish sin nature, God is slowly teaching me, what Grace really is. As I grow and learn thanksgiving, I feel like I’m spinning my wheels so many days, but by leaning on His everlasting arms, by His grace, I will learn to give thanks. I’m so thankful, that each day, His mercy is new!

By: GayleneGrace

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