Grandchildren here today, all 5 of them. One is too young and still nursing to stay with me for 5 hours. From 17 to 3 1/2, from 6’3″ to ? I am amazed by their life and how they share it with me. Their smiles and energy and laughter. I listen as carefully as I can to each one as they tell me the things that are important to them at the moment; a bug on the swing, a crack down the side of the slide, a flower that has wilted and needs water, crumbs on the floor that they pick up without being asked, mkig a buritto for a younger sibling and showing careful attention to how much cheese is used because it is running low, listening as I read books to them, giggles as I tickle them before their naps and the wonder of sleepy eyes and bedhair when they wake up and come to me for a long hug and kiss. Piano lessons and a 3 year old trying to play C,D,E,F,G with tiny fingers and so excited she can tell me where all the C’s are on the piano.¬†They repeat I love you often and I treasure it,because I never know when I will not hear it again! Thanks be to God for all my grandchildren, all six of them from the same daughter I gave birth to after 7 years of trying and they live close so I can enjoy them often!

By: Vickie Black

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