Just beginning….

Just started my list this morning as I am reading thru the book…..

my red-throated hummingbird getting morning breakfast at the coral bells

-rustle of leaves high in the sky as the wind blows

-crisp, cool morning air in Ohio

-a cup of creamed coffee as I enjoy the crisp, morning air

-my son’s profile so I can see his long, handsome God given eyelashes

-my daugther’s “I love you Mommy” drawing of us holding hands

-my 3 year old daughter’s playful imagination

-realizing there is repair in my regrets

-only Jesus can do the repair in my regrets

-the pottery wheel

-the weaving loom to make beautiful woven fabric art

-my body for just the way it is,

-coming home from church to Sunday lunch roasting in the oven

-my Dad’s garden

-the howling of the wind through open windows

-cooling rain after a hot day and the power of thunder

-fresh, baked apple pie from scratch

-the fresh smell of wet laundry going into the dryer

-the touch of my mother’s hand who have cut, styled and shaped my locks of hair over the years

I think that is good for now. Glad I am able to type and share with others.





By: Melanie

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