Joy Uncontainable

Reading this book has been a wonderful ride! Ann, you are such an inspirational writer : ) As I read, I feel as if I’m on the farm…I think I can even smell the hogs Ha! I have been a “wanna be” poet for as long as I can remember. And while reading your book, I wrote a poem for you and your readers; graciously using key words and phrases straight from the book. Well, here it goes…
I’ve heard it said, ” the key to all joy is giving thanks for all things.”
Terminal dads,an instant death,
New beginnings,a baby’s breath.
And I can attain a full life if I dance on it’s strings.

But I cry and I moan,just like a David-heart.
Pounding hard on God’s chest,
Feeling like mine is compressed.
A flailing child He holds me,as I’m falling apart.

Can I ever trust God to make all things work for good?
Find the fullness of joy,
Play with life like a toy,
Can I meander and commune with God like I should?

Yet,how would I ever know the greater graces of mercy,comfort and courage?
Empty to overflowing,
Darkness to glowing,
If not for the shadows that often consume and borage?

Answer:The Word has nail-scarred hands that cup my face close.
Wiping away my tears,
Erasing my earthly fears,
He’s the God -man who came down;my every breath He knows.

So daily I stand on the brink of eternity,staking my claim to the Promised Land.
Grafted into His blood-line,
Uncontainable grace I find.
My shadows,my dreams,my pains,my joys;He holds them in the palm of His hand.

Hope this finds you all well and joyful! : )

By: Ronda Barber

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