Joy-quenched flames

Beyond thankful today for my husband’s life.  Only seconds after he got off his riding lawn mower, it burst into flames.  Three fire extinguishers later and lots of water from the garden hose, and he finally put it out.  Yet in the midst, it was bad enough that he decided to go ahead and have me call 911. 

Awfully close to the grass. 

So thankful it was on the driveway. 

So thankful he was at least 10 ft from it. 

So thankful it happened BEFORE he refilled it with gas and had our almost 13-yr-old son get on and mow the backyard. 

So thankful we just purchased another fire extinguiser for our fire inspection renewal as a foster family. 

So thankful for so many things this moment that I can’t really put the heart-in-my-throat feeling into words. 

Thank you, Father, for your protection. 

Thank you, Jesus, for your Presence.

By: Julie

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