Joy Dare

After spending 8 days in the hospital with pneumonia at Christmastime, I committed to the Joy Dare of 2014. I have been posting these on my FB page, but I will transfer them here and start posting here as well.

Jan 1 … 3 Gifts Heard
1. My husbands voice 2. Music if Mary Poppins (saw Saving Mr. Banks) 3. Just the gift of hearing

Jan 2 … A Gift Outside, Inside, On a Plate
1. The sun is shining! 2. I am home…home sweet home. 3. I know friends are bringing dinner this evening…what a blessing to have caring friends!

Jan 3 … 3 Graces You Overheard
Well, since I haven’t been anywhere today but the doctor’s office, I haven’t “heard” any graces…but here is what I know.
1. But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so the power of Christ may rest upon me. (2 Corinthians 12:9)
2. Just be with Jesus. Listen to Jesus. Rest in Jesus. Wait for Jesus. Be loved by Jesus. Wonder over Jesus. Live through Jesus. Just Jesus. No additives. Pure grace. All I need. (A Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp)
3. Caring about people, especially people who have hurt you…is a sign that you understand God’s grace. (From a book I just finished today, Pucture Perfect by Janice Thompson)

Jan 4 … A Gift, Old, New, Blue
1. The gift of a second chance…I consider this an old gift because I remember the day years ago hen I realized my God is a God second chances. But it is also an every day gift, because every day I have the chance to start again…to live better, to serve better, to live better.
2. The gift if Elizabeth Joy! For months we prayed for this blessing, that she would be formed perfectly without the medical issues we faced with Jordan. God heard our prayers and blessed us with the sweetest gift of a perfectly healthy little girl [grandbaby] last Monday.
3. Blue us the universal color for BOY, and God has certainly gifted me with boys, in the shape of grandsons. After raising three girls, it was a new experience with little boys, but we’ve played baseball in the backyard, dug for earthworms in the flower bed, and my playroom is filled with cars and trains and animals and all sorts of “boy toys.” Of course, I love all my grands, but today I am especially thankful for my boys.

Jan 5 … Something you are Reading, Making, Seeing
1. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
2. While I have several projects in mind, I’m not able to do much yet. But I think in a couple of days I will begin working on Elizabeth’s baby quilt which I am making out of the bumper pad from her bedding set. I can at least start taking it apart.
3. While this medication affects my vision somewhat, I am learning to “see” more with my heart. I once read a book called “The Heart Reader” where a young Oman had the gift of reading people’s hearts, understanding why they were sad or angry or rude…I pray that God will help me read/see others’ hearts before I jump in to judge.

Jan 6 … One thing in your Bag, your Fridge, your Heart
1. Which bag? My purse? Choir tote? Harmony Belles tote? Preschool Choir bag? Hmmm…I see a theme here…music is one of my gifts of joy!
2. Leftover icings from when the grandkids decorated Christmas cookies…sweet memories!
3. Jesus, only Jesus.

Jan 7 … 3 Graces from the People You Love
1. Kerry…shows me grace every day…and some days require more than others.
2. Melynda and Elizabeth Joy FaceTimed me this morning! So excited to see that little bundle of sweetness…mommy and baby are doing well.
3. Spent some time this morning looking at pictures from our West Fmily Summer Christmas…found myself smiling a lot! Live my family!
By: Diane Peacock

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