It only takes a spark….

My cell phone lit up as I slumbered deeply after a long midnight shift.  I thought it might be the granddaughter in the hospital or the daughter with a asthmatic ten year old or the son in the midst of losing his shirt on a real estate deal (a housing market that tanked and now his condo is worth less than he owes).  It was none of these that caused my sleep to be disturbed but a friend who has struggled with daughters on drugs, alcohol and lots of other poor choices. 

The text message read: “Denise is reading One Thousand Gifts for the second time and has asked to keep it.”  She is speechless and talking and talking non stop of all she is reading.  She asked her mom, “Are you counting yet?” and stated I am up to 700 and have only been counting two days, I don’t think I can stop!!!

I know that this is repeated here time after time but for us this is a God size miracle.  You see not too long ago Denise was in the hospital clinging to life following a car accident that left her badly broken and she will carry the scars for life.  She lost custody of her twins for a period of time because she was unable to care for them.  But thanks be to God, today, she has her children, takes them to church, and is putting her life in the hands of the Father to restore, redeem, and renovate.

For me, this was worth waking up for!  She is learning how to be fully awake and thankful for every precious moment.  This was my gift for the day.  It provides hope for the sister still caught in the maze of drug addiction and self absorption.  This friend I love, has watched the Lord answer all her pleas for this child and she knows He hears and will give only GOOD gifts………….even when at the time they don’t feel like they are good.  He does work ALL things together for good.  The testimony of this family will bring hope, healing, salvation, and restoration to others because they cannot wait to tell.

Sleep is overated!  Waking for this, so worth it! 

By: Yvonne

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