It Must Be Easy

When you have the life where you live in the perfect house which you own, which is immersed in solitude at the end of a gravel road, and you have a husband which sacrifices his life for you in incredible love, and your children are bonded to you with hearts of glue, and your most challenging decision is whether to have beans or corn for dinner, it must be easy to glibly say that everything is wonderful with the world.  But what happens when the father of your daughter has, for the past fourteen years of her life, spewed constant venonmous poison of hatred and malice into every aspect of your being and her being.  When he has done everything and anything to remove her out of your life, and has spoken constant words to her about how terrible and awful and insignificant you are as a person and as a mom.  When the people who are supposed to be shepherds and pastors simply put their heads in the sand and fail to deal with the situation.  Can you possibly realize the horror, the wound of being forced to live this awful way, when everything which is precious and worthy has been stolen and robbed from you?  When your very own child has been robbed of being raised by her mom, and is now a stranger to her mom, because of the blackened and evil heart of her dad?  Unless you have been forced to walk through this type of a despicable valley, you have no idea of how painful life can be.
By: Donna Kikkert

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