It is finished……

It is finished………….the house that is!!  The painting begun in October is complete.  The hostas are trampled, the hydrangesa are broken, the grass has been turned gray by the paint spilled, splashed, slooshed, and spattered, the windows are finally unstuck, and the furniture is now returned to the porch.  Just in the nick of time……..the party was less than 24 hours away when the painters pulled out of the driveway leaving me a yard to clean up, grass to cut, and a porch to decorate for a spring time dining under the cool of shade trees.  The house now looks brand new.  Oh, if only a paint job would make me look brand new on the outside!  Problem is, each day, I get one day older, two strands grayer and a little weaker.  Such is the path of humanity.  Then I read, but “He makes all things new!”  Today, the sky is clear, blue, radiant, and I can see for miles.  Tomorrow may be stormy, gloomy, and filled with fear.  But thanks be to God, He is in control of both, I am in the palm of His mighty hand, and He will not be caught unaware even if I am.  Today, I will savor the gifts of:

butterflies on petunias

hummingbirds first visit (I finally got the feeders out)

horses soft lips reaching for treat

children running hot and sweaty in play and giving hugs spontaneously

friends laughing and filling a house and making it a home

cardinals, red-headed woodpeckers, blue jays, blue birds, doves, finches

the wonder of ants

little mole scurrying across driveway lost

hum of pool filter

roar of air conditioner

hammock swinging in the breeze

chimes ringing

fresh squeezed lemonade

light fixtures washed and sparkling

porch rocker in the evening

squirrel chatter, dogs barking, cat meowing

God’s Word fresh and new every day

gifts galore to garnish a life undeserving with more to count, catalog, and contemplate-a thousand thanks in a day.

By: Yvonne

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